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Hardware development
We mainly focus on the wireless technology. The rich-knowledged and experienced engineers provide the services of the system design, circuitry ( digital, analog),farm design as well as mechanism design based on each specification.
Software development
The engineers who develop the system manipulating the latest technology are specialized in the whole web technology fields. We develop and support the services ncluding networking and infrastructure to schools, hospitals, the government and municipal offices and also general enterprises.
We always pursue maximizing customer satisfaction, and emphasize on high quality and high reliability. Wealso deliver the effective solutions for environment such as RoHS and lead free-lancer in the process of parts arrangement, base mounting and assembly examination.
Maintenance development
We engage in supporting the customers for 24 hours through 365 days by the maintenance of the electric devices. The 58 service centers enable us to support the customers in locally oriented.
Construction development
It is possible to offer the different kinds of construction services over the infrastructure such as for LAN, the disaster prevention wireless and the building maintenance system. Constructions in the Kyushu region are widely executed by the cooperation of our maintenance and support section.
Rpair development
We operate the broad range of repair and rebuild services such as car navigation system, the bank ATMs and the advanced cell phone with the abundant technologies and the sophisticated quality control.
Research development
In order to achieve further IT society, we work on the product development that unites the hardware and software. We continually strive to innovate the technologies while visualizing the academy of industry and the cooperation among various kinds of productions.