Corporate philosophy

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Corporate philosophy

Company creed

Company creed:To be “Makoto” is the way of human being.

To be “Makoto” is the way of human being.
It is true that the way we should aim is to be “Makoto”. It is important to make sincere efforts as a human being. (From the passage of the Four Books "Doctrine of the Mean")

Corporate philosophy

Customers first

We will collect and grasp the customer's needs appropriately, and always think and act to satisfy our customers.

Establishment of sensibility type company

All employees will refine their sensitivity and provide high-quality products, information, and services.

Charter of Conduct "7Actions"

The Charter of Conduct is a guideline to be implemented as an organization or a person based on the corporate philosophy.

  1. Challenge
    Set a high goal with a spirit of challenge and act tenaciously with independence, own will, and a broad perspective.
  2. Change
    Read the information that keeps up with the times and constantly change and adapt values.
  3. Leading Myself
    Maximizing potential toward public and private ideals.
  4. Customer Focus
    Think and act from the customer's point of view, and never compromise, especially in quality.
  5. Innovation
    Continue to search for new technologies that respond to social changes and create unique technologies and services.
  6. Speed
    Each individual will always consider the next move, correctly confirm and make choices and act quickly.
  7. Unite teamwork
    Share goals across the organization and act responsibly.

Corporate statement

Corporate statement

Thoughts in these words

In the future world, IoT will advance, and all phenomenon and things will be connected.
Kyushu Ten will contribute to the future with technology and realize a comfortable life.

Visual identity

Corporate symbol

Symbol mark

Emblem of KYUSHU TEN was elected from an in-house open recruit when celebrating the 10th anniversary of its founding.
This emblem expresses Kyushu Ten in the same way as the ball of rugby which is a representative sport of team play, and it shows "Kyu" and "Shu" with the whole blue frame, and center three alphabet letters, "TEN" emerges.

Corporate color

The corporate color of KYUSHU TEN represents Kyushu by blue, and TEN by red.
This blue expresses "Makoto" and "Trust", red expresses "Passion" and "Energy". The combination of these two colors symbolizes the image Sasebo; the place of our company’s founding, that is, the beautiful Kujuku-shima sea and the shining sun. We call this blue "QTEN BLUE" and the red "BRIGHT RED".