Quality management system

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Quality management system

Quality policy

All employees hone their sensibilities, collect and grasp the customer's needs appropriately, reflect them in each business activity, obtain customer satisfaction and trust by providing high-quality products and services. As well as proposing the company's survival, prosperity, and improving the lives of employees, we aim to contribute to society.

Basic policy

We strive to conform products and service requirements, maintain continuous improvement of management system and effectiveness, provide products and services that meet customer needs and expectations, and aim for improvement of customer satisfaction and organization.

Behavioral guidelines

Informing all employees quality policy and disclose it outside the company upon request.

ISO9001 Management system registration certificate (copy) ISO9001 Annex (copy1) ISO9001 Annex (copy2)

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June 30, 2023 (Revision 10)
KYUSHU TEN LIMITED Director and Advisor
(Top management) Rikihiko Mashima