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Manufacturing Equipments

High-speed screen printing machine Image

High-speed screen printing machine

Device to print cream solder on printed circuit boards.
Model:SP60P-M Board size:M
Model:SP18P-L Board size:L
Solder-printing inspection device Image

Solder-printing inspection device

Device to inspect the conditions of printed cream solder.
Model:BPC-707AD Board size:M
Model:MK5440L Board size:LL
SMT placement equipment Image

SMT placement equipment

Device that can mount 0402 (JIS) size components.
Model:CM401,CM-402,DT-401 Board size:M
Model:NPM-D Board size:LL
Reflow oven  Image

Reflow oven

Nitrogen reflow oven that melts cream solder after mounting smd components.
Model:SNR-825 Board size:M
Model:SNR-850 Board size:LL
Automated optical inspection device Image

Automated optical inspection device

AOI to test the state of components' implementation and soldering state.
Model:VT-RNS-M Board size:M
Model:VT-RNS-Ⅱ-pth-LS Board size:LL
Underfill coating device Image

Underfill coating device

Device to strengthen the BGA soldering by underfill.
Model:FAD-2200-TM Board size:M
X-Ray Inspection Machine Image

X-Ray Inspection Machine

Inspection Machine to check the components that the connection surface is not exposed. Device uses X-Ray to scan the IC/BGA.
Wave soldering machine Image

Wave soldering machine

Supports N2.
Model:HC33-39NF Board size:M
Compact thermal shock chamber Image

Compact thermal shock chamber

Thermal shock chamber that can recover the temperature of 2 zones(+150 ~ -65 deg C) within 5 minutes.
Supports MIL-STD, including MIL-STD-883E.
X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer Image

X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

Device for measuring the amount of material contained in the component.