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CEO:Mashima Rikihiko

KYUSHU TEN was founded as a company that repairs wireless equipment. Since then, we have grown into a company that can do one-stop solutions for a series of operations ranging from hardware and software development design, manufacturing, installation work, system support, and repair. With wireless communication technology as the core, celebrated 50th anniversary on December 1, 2017.
So far, we have acquired ISO 9001(Quality management system), ISO 14001(Environment), ISO 27001(Information Security), ISO 13485(Medical equipment), and acquired IATF 16949(Automobile) in February 2019.
In the new factory, which started operation in 2017, we provide "Monozukuri" that responds to customer's requests from mass production, multi-product small volume production, and prototypes, by various management systems. In addition, we have established business offices all around Kyushu, offering maintenance support services for systems that are closely tied to the region with a high level of technical capabilities and a fine-grained system, focusing on stable operation of customer systems.
The linkage between wireless technology and our customers cultivated from the foundation has created a wealth of portfolios and the breadth of the business domain. Each employee will aim for a company that will continue to grow for the next 60, 70 years and even 100 years, and  will refine the sensitivity and contribute to the ICT society.

CEO Rikihiko Mashima

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Business contents

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Sasebo Head Office Factory

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Manufacturing Equipments

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