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Sasebo Head Office Factory

Sasebo Head Office Factory

We built a new factory in Sasebo City in December 2016.
The Sasebo Factory has state-of-the-art equipment, dramatically improved productivity with a thoroughly clean environment, a spacious and prospective workspace, and an ideal production line introducing the Toyota production system. By locating 2km from Saza IC, convenience has also improved.
If you are looking for a manufacturer of electronic equipment, please contact us to manufacture at Sasebo City where few earthquakes strike.

Features of Sasebo Factory

Clean room of ISO cleanliness class 8

At the Sasebo Factory, we focused on cleanliness and made a clean environment suitable for manufacturing equipment that is more precise.
The clean room has the cleanliness of ISO Cleanliness Class 8 (particles of 5.0 μm or less are 29 / L or less), to maintains high manufacturing quality.

Image : Clean room of ISO cleanliness class 8

Spacious and Flexible factory

The Sasebo factory has a total floor area of 8,879 square meters, a pillar interval of 20 meters, a ceiling height of 3.5 meters, and is sufficiently large to work efficiently. Because of its flexibility, it is also possible to manufacture large products.

Image : Spacious and Flexible factory

Prepared for an emergency: Earthquake and Tsunami

In addition to having few earthquakes in Nagasaki, the factory has a structure that can withstand seismic intensity 7 earthquakes.Furthermore, it is located 43 m above sea level as a measure against the tsunami. Factory can withstand those disasters, procure parts and manufacture consistently, so you can use as a second factory for BCP countermeasures.

Image diagram of Earthquake / Tsunami countermeasures

Enhanced security with an IC card

To enter the factory, the IC card and reader are used. Only the person who owns the IC card can enter the factory.

Image : Entering and Exiting with IC card

Just beside the NISHI-KYUSHU EXPRESSWAY, it is convenient for transports.

The Sasebo factory is located about a 10-minute drive from the Saza IC on NISHI-KYUSHU EXPRESSWAY.
As well as deliveries to various parts of Kyushu via expressways, it takes about 1 hour to Nagasaki Airport and about 1 hour 30 minutes to Fukuoka Airport, it is suitable for distribution by air. We can promptly procure parts and deliver finished goods nationwide.

Image : convenient for transports