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Hardware development

Image : Hardware development

We mainly focus on wireless technology. The rich-knowledged and experienced engineers provide the services of the system design, circuit design (digital/analog), firmware design, as well as mechanism design, based on each specification.

Software development

Image : Software development

We have engineers who develop systems using cutting-edge technology, and we specialize in the entire Web technology field, and develop and support networks, including networks, from schools, hospitals, government agencies, to general companies.


Image : Production

With the slogan of "pursuit for customer satisfaction improvement", we are manufacturing high quality and highly reliable products. In a series of production operations from material arrangements to board mounting and assembly testing, environmental requests such as RoHS and lead-free can be fully supported.

Maintenance and support

Image : Maintenance and support

We mainly maintain the maintenance of electronic devices such as computers, supporting customers from companies as well as government offices, banks and public stadiums 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are developing community-based user support through 44 support bases located in the Kyushu region.

Construction services

Software image

We can cope with general infrastructure construction such as disaster prevention radio, building management system from general LAN construction. In cooperation with our maintenance and support department, we are widely carrying out construction within the Kyushu region.

Repair and rebuild

Image : Repair and rebuild

With a wealth of technology and thorough quality control that we have cultivated up to now, we are developing repair and rebuilding work for various in-vehicle devices such as car navigation and drive recorders.

Research and development

Image : Research and development

We are working on product development integrating hardware and software for further development of ICT society. We are searching for technology that can be spread from our company, with a view to industry-academia-industry collaboration.

Reserch result

28GHz 4⨯4 one-sided directional slot array antenna for 5G application