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IoT Gateway QRIoTⅡ

On QRIoTⅡ, we have reduced the size and made popular combination of communication modules to 1board. Following QRIoT, we have reduced power consumption by using original OS.

Image : QRIoTⅡ

Features of QRIoTⅡ

Lightweight and compact design

Space-saving installation became possible by reducing size about 62% compared to conventional product.

Image : Lightweight and compact design 1
Image : Lightweight and compact design 2

Low power consumption

We adopted Fujitsu Kyushu Network Technologies original OS (TRON type) for the platform, making it low power consumption.

System configuration sample

System configuration sample


  • BLE / WLAN On-board model
  • LP (Low Power)/ WLAN On-board model
  • RS-232C / WLAN On-board model

※Lineup will be added from communication standards: LP (Low Power), RS-232C, BLE, LAN, WLAN, LTE, Specific low power(920MHz), LoRa, etc.

Waterproof / dustproof box (optional)

Image : Waterproof / Dustproof Box
Waterproof / Dustproof Box
QRIoT Mounting image
QRIoT Mounting image of the main unit and AC adapter

Product Specifications

Specification summary(Specification parameters)

OS TRON-base original OS
CPU NXP:ARM Cortex-M4 core
I/F USB(Micro AB) USB 1.1×1(USB function)
Operating temperature -20℃~+60℃ ※1
Power-supply voltage DC5V
Power consumption BLE / WLAN approx. 260mA ※2
LP (Low Power)/ WLAN approx. 290mA ※2
RS-232C / WLAN approx. 260mA ※2
External dimensions 100mm×67mm×22.5mm
Weight BLE / WLAN approx. 95g ※3
LP (Low Power)/ WLAN approx. 125g ※3
RS-232C / WLAN approx. 100g ※3
Communication format ・Kyushu Ten's original format ※4
・Transparent communication by TCP packet ※5

Device function

Clock Time hold by RTC
Initialization setting Network setting by holding the initialization switch while turning on the power.
LED Display the status of the device by LED


Wireless LAN Specification IEEE802.11 a / b / g / n
Operation mode TCP(Server / Client) / HTTP Client
Transfer speed MAX 5Mbps(by SPI communication)
Supported Protocol TCP / UDP / ICMP / IGMP / ARP / HTTP
Security WPA / WPA2 / EAP-TLS / EAP-PEAP
※ Supports IEEE802.1X
※ Please consult us if EAP other than TTLS,PEAP are necessary

Weak radio unit

Transfer speed 19.2Kbps
Frequency 300MHz Band
Communication distance 20m Max(Depend on the environment)
Number of simultaneous reads 50Max / 1Sec
Antenna External connector (SMA female) Connection antenna (2 lines)
RFID Collect data of active tag (by Kyushu Ten) and send it to TCP


Specification Bluetooth4.2
BLE behavior Central
Operation mode BLE beacon reception or BLE device connection mode
※ Connection of unproven BLE device may customized.
Filter function Device filtering by BD address, UUID, etc.


Transfer speed MAX115.2Kbps(Variable)
Data length 8bit
Parity none / odd / even
Stop bit 1bit
Flow control None / Enable(Hard and soft flow)
RS-232C D-SUB9 Pin allows connection with equipment (Male)