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Medical Device management system 「ACE.MediStation」

Management of equipment is possible along to revised medical law “Medical safety management notification”.

  • Multi-function, easy-to-use
    Multi-functional and easy-to-use UI.
    Since you can manage not only on the ME division but also the equipment of other departments, it can manage all the devices in the hospital by one system.
  • Tablet compatible
    Tablet compatible, so you can use it anytime, anywhere.
    It will maximize the work efficiency of the staff.
  • Extensibility
    System expansion are possible by varieties of options.
    Location management by using RFID tag (ACE.MediLocation), state management by using wireless transmitter (ACE.MediMonitor), etc.

System features

Centralized management Icon

Centralized management of all departments

It can manage not only the equipment of ME department, but also the equipment of radiation department and examination department.

Reduce initial cost Icon

Reduce initial cost

By sharing the electronic medical record terminal, it can reduce the initial cost of the system.

Use it anywhere Icon

Use it anywhere

Utilizing the tablet terminal, you can use it anywhere at any time.

Unlimited number of installations Icon

Unlimited number of installations

There is no limit on the number of installations of the system. You can install the system without additional license fee.

We have track record at various hospitals Icon

We have track record at various hospitals

We have track record from small-scale hospitals to University hospitals. System can adjust and operate according to the size of the hospital.

Main features

Equipment management

System has various functions necessary for equipment management including central control support function: lending and returning of equipment using touch display, record management of inspection and repair, schedule management of inspection plan, etc.
Inspection plans and repair records can also be used outside the ME department.

Inspection service using tablet terminal

For in-service devices such as ventilators, you can record the inspection results as in-use.
You can input data on the bedside using a tablet terminal. The tablet can also be used in environments where Wireless LAN cannot be used.

Training record

Management of training, such as introduction of new equipment, is also one of the responsibilities of the safety manager. ACE can manage training records of equipment and follow up on absentee on the web.

Business support function

It has wide range support functions for clinical engineering technicians such as management of ventilator usage and pacemaker.
Managing equipment/items can be set flexibly.

Consumables stock management

System can manage parts and expendable items such as batteries used in equipment.
By setting a constant, system prevents shortage. Since it can also manage state of expendable items’ take-outs, you can reduce the load on inventory work.

Other features

  • Sharing information by daily report / offering
  • Notification function by alarm settings
  • Reservation from ward / Inventory check / Repair request
  • Channel management

Location management options 「ACE.MediLocation」

Location management system of medical equipment using RFID tag.
Manage the location of the equipment in a real time.

System features

  • Weak radio frequency tags are used (314MHz); there is no influence on medical equipment.
  • Safe use by encrypted wireless communication.
  • Tag is water resistant. You can wash the tag.
Image : ACE.MediLocation
System configuration image
System configuration image : ACE.MediLocation

State management option 「ACE.MediMonitor」

State management system of medical equipment by using wireless transmitter.
You can check the status of the equipment in real time, from a remote place.

System features

  • Supports numbers of ventilators, blood purification devices, and extracorporeal circulation devices etc.
  • Supports connecting varieties of manufacturers.
  • Because it is wireless, there is no need to connect cables other than a power supply.
  • Options to link with electronic medical record.
Image : ACE.MediMonitor
System configuration image
System configuration image : ACE.MediMonitor